Offering everything from a professional wash to a full detail, we have everything to suit your needs. Once we have discussed your specific needs, we can also build a special package dedicated to you and your vehicle. All pricing is varied from size and dirtyness. Starting with the small car(Civic, cobalt.....) and ending with the bigger trucks and SUV(Suburban, Excursion, F-350)

Package or Service performed Small cars


Small trucks

Large vehicles


Express wash

-Using products that do not scratch or swirl your finish, vehicle is washed via two bucket method.

- Includes wash, rims cleaned, tires shined, Wheel wells cleaned and dressed, windows cleaned outside.

$ 25 $35

Express detail

-Includes wash, rims cleaned, dressing is applied to wheels and wheel wells, windows cleaned inside and out, vaccum, door jams cleaned

$40 $45


Basic wash and wax

- Includes Express detail

-Vehicle is clayed using a clay bar ridding if from impurities and contaminates

- 1 layer of premium wax is applied.

$ 65 $75

Basic wash, wax and full exterior detail

-Includes the basic wash, and wax package.
-Includes full exterior detail
-All exterior rubber and plastic trim is dressed with UV protectant.
-Wheels are sealed to help protect from brake dust.

$ 120 $135

Complete detail.

- Includes Basic wash, wax, and exterior detail packages
- All leather cleaned and dressed
- All plastic and vinyl cleaned and dressed
-Light stains removed

$ 180 $210

1 step polish

-Hand wash (2 bucket method)
Wheels and tires are cleaned and dressed
-Paint is clayed to remove contaminants
-Paint is polished to remove minor swirls and scratches (about 60-80% corrected)
-1 layer of wax or paint sealant is applied

$ 130 $160 $200

Paint correction

-Vehicle's paint is corrected (Swirls and most defects removed)

-Rim's are removed cleaned, polished(If applicable) and sealed.

-Trim is restored

-Tires and wheel wells cleaned and dressed.

Starting at $35/hr    


Headlight restoration

-Headlights restored to factory like new condition with a 1 year warranty.


$45 a pair  

Pricing may vary according to filthyness of the vehicle

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